Getting Your Car Ready For Storage
To minimize deterioration of y our car during storage we recommend:
Raise tire pressure to help prevent flat spots.
Wash and wax your car before storage to remove road grit, acid rain residues and, in winter, road salt.
Thoroughly clean out and vacuum the interior, including under the seats, making sure to remove crumbs, food wrappers, etc.
Fill your gas tank to minimize in-tank condensation.
Add a fuel preservative to prevent gum and varnish formation.
Modern fuel formulas break down quickly. Then run engine 5-10 minutes to ensure treated fuel is distributed throughout the fuel delivery system.
You may also want to consider the following:
Change engine oil and filter as combustion by-products trapped in your “used” oil contain moisture and are measurably acidic.
Flush and replace coolant to renew the antioxidants used in modern anti-freeze.
Flush and replace brake fluid as it is highly hygroscopic and contaminated fluid can cause costly corrosive damage in precision
brake systems.
Have a fresh battery installed, especially if the current battery is more than three years old.